Private Cloud

Jenkins, Artifactory and Pivotal Cloud Foundry are on our system. We will use Docker to run Jenkins and Artifactory.

  • Jenkins is the open source continuous integration server
  • Artifactory is the open source maven repository
  • Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications, whether on laptops, data center VMs, or the cloud.
  • PCF Dev is a small footprint distribution of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) intended to be run locally on a developer machine. It delivers the essential elements of the Pivotal Cloud Foundry experience quickly through a condensed set of components. We will use PCF Dev to deploy applications on staging and production environments.

Deployment Pipelines

Running Jenkins and Artifactory

$ ./ gituser gitpassword

Once Jenkins is started you should see at least the seed-job on http://localhost:9090.

If it has not run yet, simply trigger it and see how the actual jobs/pipelines get created (Jenkins Blue Ocean).

Artifactory is available on http://localhost:9091

Running Pivotal Cloud Foundry

You have to download and start PCF Dev. A link how to do it is available here.

The default credentials when using PCF Dev are:

username: user
password: pass
email: user
org: pcfdev-org
space: pcfdev-space

You can start the PCF dev like this:

cf dev start

You’ll have to create minimum 2 separate spaces (email admin, pass admin)

cf login -a --skip-ssl-validation -u admin -p admin -o pcfdev-org

cf create-space pcfdev-stage
cf set-space-role user pcfdev-org pcfdev-stage SpaceDeveloper
cf create-space pcfdev-prod
cf set-space-role user pcfdev-org pcfdev-prod SpaceDeveloper

Apps Manager URL:

Adopt it

Please note that this scenario can be adopted to your needs:

  • You can use some other virtualization tool, or choose not to use virtualization.
  • You want to save Jenkins configuration (docker volumes)
  • You want to create Jenkins slaves
  • You like more Nexus then Artifactory
  • You don't want to create and manage multi-branch jobs by yourself (my-company-ci-jobs). You want to use Github Organization Folder Plugin
  • You want to use Groove (script) style of Jenkinsfile rather then declarative style.
  • You don't want to use PCF as platform as a service (PaaS). You want to use a container as a service (CaaS) layer.
  • You want to install Gitlab and use GitlabCI on premise.

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